Friday, September 02, 2005

Raising Hell

The situation in New Orleans is horrifying. I've been staring at the television off and on all morning in awe, wondering just what kinds of things people must be enduring to be acting in the ways they have. Shooting at helicopters, firing at policemen, almost appearing to disregard any type of information, or help.

Rapes, murders.

One word describes it. Chaos.


It's good to know that when things are chaotic, there is a sort of serenity that can be found within music. Escapism.

I have a copy of "YEAH!" on it's way to my home, and in the meantime I've been listening to the Def Leppard version of Sweet's : "Hellraiser".

Justin Hawkins has such a comical voice, but he's one hell of a frontman. I love it. I love The Darkness, and "Permission To Land" is one of the best rock albums to be released within the past few years. I think Def Leppard made the right decision in letting him in on this one.

This song is pure rock, with REAL energy. Great guitar riffs, raspy emotive vocals by Joe Elliott, and a harmonic yet powerful Leppard chorus that we will ALL enjoy. Just wait and see. I like it better than any of the cover tunes so far.

Hopefully the studio album follows suit with the rockiness.


Off to work 3-midnight. I wonder if that sexy supervisor is working?