Thursday, October 20, 2005

Autmnal Babblings

You know, I was going to touch base on my short-lived vacation -- but I've opted not to, not only due to a lack of photos, but due to a lack of interest on my part. I will say that it had great potential, and just went down the proverbial drain by day two.

With that said, tomorrow will see me back to work when my alarm goes off at 5 o'clock in the morning.


In other news, my new email address ( has new meaning.

Do me a favor, and watch this video.

"Animal Instinct" By The Cranberries

I almost cried. Very touching, sad, and well...ok...kind of depressing. But I bet you spin it more than once. (Or at least you will if you want to absorb the entire video concept.)

I went into work last night, as a customer, and noted that Super Boy was at the counter. Conversation! We talked a good bit, chatting in between customers. (Which I may add, is quite the challenge!)

"Do you work Saturday?" he asked

"Yeah, I work 2 - 10."

"Awesome, I'm working too."

Inside, I try to muffle my excitement. But, I'm sure the excitement was visible in my eyes. The question is, did he pick up on it? And if so, did it matter?

A woman, probably in her 50's approached the counter, asking for directions to Bedford/Johnstown area. Her son had back-tracked 13 miles in the WRONG direction by accident, and here they were interrupting my talk-time with Super Boy.

Super Boy explained the route to take, drawing a road map in the air with his pointer finger. However, it seemed the woman had a case of A.D.D. as she peered out the window, and mumbled softly.

"M'aam? Are you listening? SEE! This is how you got lost in the first place!" he said.

We laughed together, and I commented on how rude he was.

"Why!?" he chuckled

"You just told her to pay attention, because that's how she got lost in the first place! That's rude, but hilarious!"

"I never said that!" he said...knowing very well that he did.

Sure, it was probably only 10 or 15 minutes worth of chit chatting and chuckling, but it made my night.

Can't wait for Saturday.

So, today I woke up and decided to head up to the park, again. I'm a little tender for overworking my muscles yesterday. Since my iPod was stolen, I haven't been walking, and I fear I might be putting on weight, so I got back into my routine.

Here in a few minutes I'm going to go do some crunches to work of these Chips Ahoy that I've been snacking on while uploading the photos to flickr. (Btw, thanks again Lexy. I heart flickr.)

Unfortunately, my floppy discs are being fucking retarded, ever since I made some deletions, it won't "respond" to MGI Photosuite 8.1 (which, btw, SUCKS -- I can't even figure out how to crop the flippin' photo!)

So, instead of photos of the georgous Canada Geese that graced the pond today, or the fall coloration...I give you a series of ridiculous digital pictures of me, that I took of myself today.

Note: If you have pest problems, you may print the photos on request and use them as repellent. Works against rats, mice, crows, spiders, and cute gay men (appearently).



Huh?AweGet AwayCool

Peace, love, and a chips ahoy cookie to all!