Monday, October 31, 2005

I Need To Go Shopping

Tonight, I'm going to reveal my fashion taste. The trends, styles, and types of clothing that I'm most fond of.

Earlier in the year, I requested that people help me look for plaid pants. Well, the true term was bondage pants.

In my experience, bondage pants (set off with a pair of color oriented Dr Marten boots, and a studded belt) are the most FUN pants ever. If you're looking at a picture of a ska or punk band, there is a pretty good chance that SOMEONE in the group is wearing bondage pants in some form. I love the ones in the link up above, but have come across some others that are equally rockin'.

Take these pin striped ones. I'm in LOVE with these. MUST HAVE A PAIR!

Then we have camo. Camo stuff is nifty, especially when you're talking about bondage pants. They'd look sharp as hell with some black doc martens.

Blue plaid bondage pants are kind of nifty as well. They're fun, for like -- parties, or concerts. You could wear blue OR black doc's with these.

So where did my addiction to bondage pants start? Well, I pretty much already summed that up. I've seen every member of No Doubt wear them except for Tom (guitars), and I'm sure he has too. Tony, Adrian, and Gwen ALL wear bondage pants...and look hella good in them. They're really cool for people who have toned legs (like myself), because they cling to your legs tightly.

I'd probably wear these with these.

Speaking of shoes, these ones and these camo ones are neat. (All shoes shown are from Gwen Stefani's LAMB men's line.)

I'm also sensing a fatal attraction to cuteness when it comes to the men's line of her clothing line for fans known as Harajuku Lovers. Lots of cool hoodies, and hats for guys. Even stuff for babies.

Seriously, check it out -- because not only is it a cool website, but there is some really neat stuff on there. I'm waiting for the men's line to become available so I can spend obscene amounts of money in there. ( I won't go that far -- but I do deserve a hoodie dammit!)