Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Dear No Doubt Forum Members,

We'd like to give you
the opportunity to create your own new No Doubt icons to replace the standard
ones we have now. Any forum member who wants to create a new GIF and submit it
has a chance at having their icon uploaded onto the site. We will review the
submissions and the best will be added to the icons available.

Sorry....there is no prize or compensation for your submissions (just
the knowledge that your art is filling others with joy).


1. Must be No Doubt related (no other bands, side
projects, etc.)
2. Must be a GIF and the size must be 19 pixels by 19
3. Send an email to (forum@nodoubt.com) with your .GIF file

Is there anyone out there that would be able to turn my artwork into 19 pixel by 19 pixel GIF files?

I have NO idea how to do this, but I have plenty of ideas for the icons. If you help me, I'll love your forever and ever.