Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Me Getting Fat, and Rufus Wainwright

"Your face is filling in."

Translation: "You're heading towards fatness."

Is it really that noticable?

I've been violently jerked into a fitness/diet obsession by a few small comments from a single solitary person. My grandma.

I have a brilliant idea: indoor public pools.

I gotta hurry. I know 215 isn't that much when you stretch it out to 6 feet 2 inches -- but I need to put an end to this fat thing before it even gets off the ground!


On the other hand, a friend is hookin' me up with some Rufus Wainwright discography (including DVD with Gwen in the one video). After obsessing over some soundclips of his, I'm developing a taste for his musical style.

His music is fun to sing to, and he is CUTE. I want to see him in concert, get my picture taken with him, and make passionate love to him on a tour bus. (Just kidding.)

Say...now *I* have a rock star to lust over.


I wish I had more to say...but I simply do not. Lucky you.