Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fan Art, and Yodeling

Yodeling. It's a type of singing (most commonly done by males) where the male voice changes into abrupt sixth, seventh, and octave leaps, in which the voice passes from a normal chest register to a falsetto. The vowells ah, oh, and u are used for singing the chest notes, and ay, and ee for the falsetto notes. This form of singing is rooted from the mountain districts of the Austrian Tyron and the Swiss Alps.

It's a talent I've had since a child. I was never taught. I never took "yodeling" lessons. And sure, it's an absolutely retarded and useless fact about me that you don't really need to know, but it's true.

My friends always try to get me to do it. Last night, my grandma wanted me to do it.

"That's a God given talent. You should use it."

Um....LOL...I don't think so! I can't think of many things that are more uncool than a yodeling baffoon on the stage.

I borrowed this retarded CD full of songs with lots of yodeling in it. It's hilariously fun.

These days you'll hear slightly more socially acceptable aspects of yodeling in country music, as well as in The Cranberries music, as well as Jewel. (Yes, I'm aware that the last two are female singers -- I'm not sure how they do it.)

But yodeling can be cool when used right. Take The Cranberries "Zombie" for instance. What an AWESOME song! She snaps her voice with abrupt high notes:

"Zawwwwmbay. Zaaawwwmbay! ZaawwmmbaaEEEEH, EeeeeH, Eeeeh!"'s fun. Try to do it sometime.

Sure, your neighbors may have you commmitted -- but look on the bright side! They may want you transfered to a prison in the Swiss Alps. :D


Also, I wanted to show you some artwork I did themed around Gwen Stefani's album, AND clothing line:

Born To Blossom

The lyrics 'born to blossom...bloom to perish' have not only been used in "What You Waiting For", but were used in a No Doubt b-side known as "Beauty Contest". So, obviously I chose that to send into Gwen's website for "possible" inclusion on her tour, er something.

I doubt it will be used. I don't think this is the type of thing they wanted. But, if the text was printed (instead of hand drawn crappishly) it would really make a cool tattoo.

Here's a close up:

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. Tattoo

I'll be doing some artwork today.

I've got album design ideas for Gwen, Def Leppard, and Rufus Wainwright in the works.

I'll post the results later. :)

Peace'n'love to all you punker sluts. xoxoxoxo