Monday, October 24, 2005

It's 2 AM

Remember that dirty link in my comments? That was a joke. (Not by me. By someone else.) I deleted it quickly in case the person was just being targeted, and humiliated -- but he knows, and is probably laughing about it. I'm not sure who posted the actual link though.

Anywho, it's Marty. The guy in Holland who sent me the cute plush frog, and loves hedghogs.

Nice butt Marty. *grin*


Work went exceptionally well tonight, being that it was Sunday and pretty much dead.

I forgot to mention that "No Matter What" (yes, the Def Leppard version) was played at work for the very first time yesterday! (It's a station that plays hit music too! No talking, or ads. Just music.) What's more? It was played almost right beside Gwen Stefani's "Cool", and a couple other songs I really dig.

It was so neat to hear it, without request, amongst modern day hits. (Granted, they DO play some older songs too...but always great songs.) I wonder if the song is doing well chart-wise, or is getting that potential?

Work never played Def Leppard, ever. Until now. It's a good sign me thinks.

I still think "The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll" should be released as a single.


Meanwhile, the new Gwen Stefani single "Luxorious" debuts tomorrow on TRL. The song isn't a favorite of mine, but it's catchy. Very R&B, with backing music that is intentionally ripped from a hit from years back. (I only discovered this when playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The original was played on the radio.) The main change is the cadence, lyric, and vocal melody. It's neat to see how two songs with the same backing music can come off so differently when another person interprets and redesigns all the vocals.

Slow paced, sexual, but not what I would've chosen for a single. This may be the last single from Love Angel Music Baby before the follow up is released. No tour is predicted for the follow up, as Gwen is planning on being in the studio with No Doubt to start on the next album.

Definitely the type of song you would play if you had a romantic dinner at your house planned.

Also in regards to Def Leppard, I happened to pick up a copy of some Bass Guitar magazine, and noticed an interview with Sav in the back with a picture from the Hysteria tour.

I was working, so I didn't get to read it. Nor do I have the cash to buy it. But to all you Sav fans (Sandy!), you may want to check your local magazine racks for "Bass Guitar Magazine".


I discovered tonight that I will be working with Super Boy for 4 hours on Wednesday. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Speaking of him -- something weird happened. I rarely dream about people I WANT to dream about. Even less often, are sexually oriented dreams about people who I would actually LIKE having sex with. Usually, if by chance I do luck out and have a hot guy in my dream -- he doesn't want to kiss me. It usually ends up being me, trying to get the attention of some guy who doesn't want any part of it.

Well, the other night, Super Boy turned to ME and kissed me, without me even trying in my dream. It was to my memory, the first time that ever happened.

Now, if only that would happen in real life! LOL!

Peace, love, and nude pictures of Marty to all.

P.S. -- Is it just me, or is blogger NOT publishing right? Every time I make a post lately, it just stays at 0%. I have to go BACK in, edit post, and republish.