Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Snow In October

It's snowing today.

Yes folks, it's true. In higher elevations there is up to 6 inches of the white crap piling on top of Octobers colorful leaves.

It is 32 degrees outside.

As I look out behind me, the grass in my own yard looks soaked, matted, and heavy, with a glaze of slush laying on the surface. The snow flakes are sporadic, mixed with rain, and heavy, but they are still snow flakes. More like snow lumps, as they've clumped together because it's still pretty warm for snow.



I work with Super Boy today. So obviously, I'm looking forward to going to work. Hopefully I can make some more discoveries tonight in my favor. (Or at the very least, discover that he isn't interested and isn't gay afterall so I can quit fiddle-farting around with being enamoured by him!)

Hopefully I'm on "b" register, or in the kitchen so I get to really chit chat with him. I intend on lingering after my shift to talk to him while he works anyway.

It's exciting to have something to look forward to. Like, even if it doesn't turn out to be anything other than me having a silly crush on a straight boy (again), this past week has made me enjoy work a little more with him being there.

If nothing, I've gained that. Please continue to keep your fingers crossed for me.

The Christmas party for work is coming up soon, so hopefully I'll get some pictures of us. There's gonna be a DJ, so I'll have to try not to dance TOO much and make myself look like a twit.

That is of course, unless he wants me to dance.