Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Summary Of A Day That Isn't Summery

It was like night and day, the world on TOP of the mountain, compared to the world below.

As a town, we're placed in a valley, and atop that valley are other towns. Towns with six inches or more in snow accumulation. And while snow is pretty, I'm a bit perturbed because it is stealing the beautiful fall color's spotlight by weighing it off the trees.

Luckily in my town, just a 10 minute drive from the 6 inches of snowfall, there was barely any. All signs have melted into the moist October earth, pitter pattered to death by autumn raindrops. Our lower elevations meant warmer temperatures, as always. It never fails to amaze me how a 10 minute drive can take you up to what can SEEM to be a totally different world of weather.

This is the first time I ever remember the roads being salted in October.


My shift with Super Boy was all too short. I was placed on "a" register, which meant our conversations had to be brief.

"What time are you workin' till Michael?" he asked.


"Ugh...only till eight?" he said as he sifted through money in the office.

It was the second time he showed dissapointment in my departure. I filled with warmth as I punched in and headed to the front.

I had him laughing again throughout the shift. I helped him stock chewing tobacco, and watched him stoop to check for more tobacco product on the bottom shelf. He kneeled down, but his knees never touched the ground, nor did his cute little butt. Well balanced, and quite flexible!

I felt my pulse raise at the thought of him posing a similar position over my naked body...and then quickly redirected my thoughts to get rid of my flushed cheeks.

I'd toss him a roll of tobacco, and he caught it.

"I was aiming for your face." I said.

He laughed.

As previously mentioned the shift flew by on the wings of a thousand butterflies (likely the ones in my own stomach) and I clocked out.

This was my time to linger, as I was hoping we would have some sort of revealing conversation in the office. My excuse? Get the employee discount on my 6 inch turkey sub by staying and eating it at the store.

It all went well. I went to the counter, and he looked at me as he rung me up.

"You again?" he grinned.

"I know! Sorry."

"I'm just kidding." he rebounded.

I zipped to back, engulfed half my turkey sub, when my friend showed up.


She wasn't supposed to pick me up tonight! It's been a good while since she picked me up.

And, because I had too much of a heart to tell her I wanted to stay, I left.

A bit later we arrived at my friends house, and were gathered around the table. (Me, her, and her mother.)

"Shit! We have a meeting tomorrow and I don't know when or where it is!"

I called back down to work. Super Boy answered.

"Hello, thank you for calling ******, this is ******, how can I help you?"

"Hey ******, this is Michael."

"What's up?"

"What time is the meeting tomorrow?"

"Four to six."

"OK, and it's in ********* right?"


"Four to six? Ok."

"Yeah, I thought about giving you the wrong time so you would show up an hour early!" he chuckled.

Funny boy. I'm not sure I could do to him all the things I would LIKE to do to him in an hours time.

So, that's pretty much it. I have the meeting with him tomorrow, and I'm off, which means I can dress up and look spiffy, and sit beside him. It means I can make him laugh, and make conversation. It means I can probe his mind a bit more, and allow him to know that I'm gay.

I will also be bumming a ride into town with him after the meeting.

In other news, one of my gay spies works at TGI Fridays and noted that Super Boy was there with a girl. However, I'm convinced it's probably a friend. I'm constantly seen with "a girl", and constantly getting questions about it.

My spy noted that the waitress who took the table asked his opinion on whether or not Super Boy seemed gay or not. Funny. She got the vibe too. One of probably 10 people I know who think the same as I.

Looking forward to the meeting tomorrow.


I recieved a gift from my friend Amy the other night.

We had went to see her mother in a play (a GREAT one at that -- despite the fact that I don't know what it was called???), and afterward she handed me a gift she had purchased for me 2 years ago.

It was a talking Spongebob, AND Spongebob bandaids.

"There was a card in there with a bunch of stuff written in it. Personal stuff. But that was back before I uh, ever knew..."

It became obvious to me what she was getting to. A trip to the bar (during which, I had NO ALCHOHOL thankyouverymuch!) and a few drinks into her later, she revealed how much she used to like me. Her mom, also a bit tipsy revealed how she always knew I was gay, and that she was so happy to hear of my coming out.

She kept hugging me. She told me I'm a "closet awesome person".

"What's that?"

"Well, you're seriously the most awesome person ever, so much fun, so funny, and yet, I don't think most people realize it until they get close to you."

My heart filled with joy, and it re-fueled my enthusiasm toward life, and myself.

"Yeah, I'm pretty fuckin' awesome, aren't I?" I crossed my arms.

I gave her a hug, knowing she was a friend that I was going to keep.

"I love you Mike."

"I love you too Amy."