Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Columbia Ave

The sound of sqeaking floor boards came from the next room, through the hallway.

Mom was on the couch, dozing off when she heard it.


She called for my father, thinking it was him returning home early from work.

Whatever it was however, at that instant it had seemed to back up against the wall tightly, right against the old bench that held stacks of magazines. They fell to the floor almost instantly after she yelled.

A dark shadow seemed to stretch across the wall, and pass through the room...freaking the hell out of my mother.

I remember talk of all the scary happenings the next day.

On another night, mom was in the same position when she heard someone coming down our winding staircase.

Three steps is all she heard, just enough for someone or something to peer around the wall into the downstairs. (It's hard to describe unless you lived there.)


No answer. Whatever it was took 3 steps back up the stairs, never coming down.

The steps didn't seem to walk around upstairs...they didn't go into my bedroom, so how was it me? Three steps. Just enough to spy on my sleeping mom.

We moved, and live in the current house where only recently have weird things begun happening again.

I'll save that for another day.