Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Library Post

I'm at the library, hanging out with some friends. I got a few books out, all wildlife related for the upcoming illustrations I'm doing.

I've started a new drawing for the hospital exhibit (not due to July of next year) of the Scarlet Ibis.

Foreign wildlife species is a rare thing for me. I usually do animals native to North America, and even more specifically Pennsylvania. However, if I'm to cover all bases I should start widening my bases to more exotic species.


My "fruit fly" Amanda and I stopped down at the Coffee Shop today where I indulged in a Chai Latte and a wheat bagel.

There was my duck drawing, spotlighted from the lights mounted on the walls. The owners eyes lit up, and she continued to tell me how many positive comments the drawing had recieved. One lady even left me her sons card. He works for the Carnegie Museum and does scientific drawings, and is always looking for "help", as she put it. According to her, he can point me in the right direction. (We'll see if anything actually becomes of it.)

Others asked if and when I was going to be selling my work, and a few others commented on how I shouldn't be working at the local famed brainstem/convenience store of the town -- and that I "don't need schooling".

It was all well and good, the positive commentary certainly made my day a little brighter as I gulped down the spicy goodness that we call Chai.

(Btw...is it really pronounced "kai" -- or was the waitress my mom had earlier just being finnicky?)

In any case, this isn't mainland China. It's a small town in central Pennsylvania; I think we should be allowed to prounounce stuff wrong. (We already do.)

Creek: "Crick"
Basketball: "Basketbaw"

Just a few examples. ;)