Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Details

I'm beaming today. I'm beaming because I'm anxiously looking forward about my date Sunday with Hot Shot!!!

HAHA, who is he? Glad you asked.

Well, he's the guy I've been delaying in discussing until I see if he was worth a nickname. He is.

Aside from drop dead good looks, a rare lack of feminine qualities, and an interest in fishing, Hot Shot has made Super Boy and Wahlberg 2.0 a thing of the past. He's a straight shooter, no drugs, no obvious strings attached. (Granted, we've only spoken on the phone twice.) He's got a sense of humor, he isn't shallow or over polished. He's real. He's not a prick. (He's worthy! LOL)

TGI Fridays it is, me and him, one on one, the first time meeting in person. The meal is free, a gay friend (remember Clay?) of mine gave me a free meal for two coupon as an early Christmas gift.

The date will be pretty brief, only a few hours...but better than nothing. I have to be up Monday morning at like 4 AM, so, it makes things difficult. As long as I'm home by 10 I should be cool.

So, pray, cross your fingers, throw salt over your shoulder, sacrifice a lamb, do whatever it takes to send good luck and vibes my way. (Except the lamb part...don't kill anything on my behalf.)

If all goes well, I'll give you guys a visual.

Peace, love, and a hip! hip! horray! going out to all.