Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Touch of Frustration

In life, everything always has to be complicated. Even the most simple things.

So, I gotta be up at 4:00 AM monday, which limits Sunday night's activities, right?

Further complicating things is the fact that I can't get APPROVAL from my manager for someone to cover a mere 2 hour shift for tomorrow. He already said yes but without my manager's consent, it's moot. I called her home phone and left a message, annoyingly enough, and she hasn't called to approve it.

So what this means is, tomorrow I work from 4 pm - 6 pm...which is absolutely ridiculous in the first place (I have employee L to thank for this, as they wouldn't work from 4-10, only 6-10). That would mean I have to walk home (15 minutes), shower, beautify, and walk BACK downtown to meet Hot Shot. At that time it would probably be 8:15 pm. Then it's a 20 minute drive to Toona Town to TGI's, and a 20 minute drive back...because I need to be home by 10 PM.

So, we've delayed the date until later notice, which is okay I guess. It gives me time to get my hair cut, trim up, and I'll have more freedom to do more next week -- all the while getting to know him better by phone. I'll probably enjoy myself a lot more this way anyways.

When he sensed my distress, he said "it's not like this is the ONLY time we can ever meet".

All better. :)