Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hung Up

I'm kind of digging this new Madonna album, although it had to grow on me. I love "Hung Up", as it's very much an emulation of Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For".

Not convinced?

How about all the time references, the tick tocks, the oriental background music, the whole bit. It's ok though, Madonna loves Gwen, and Gwen loves Madonna...and they've both mastered the Marilyn Monroe look at one time or another, so it all becomes cool. (That would be a cool collaboration btw.)

Another really great track from the album is "Sorry", which reminds me very much of europop music. (Eifel65)It's gonna be a just has to be.

A friend of mine sent it to me, knowing how much I love Gwen on the dancefloor, and I gotta say it's worth buying. Give it a listen.

I almost hate admitting it, because I'm more into Madonna's old material, and I hate being the cliche queer -- but, this is the best album Madonna's had in a decade.


Work 4-6 (no, that's not a's two fucking hours), then off to bed. I'll be spending pretty much all the daylight hours of Monday and Tuesday in the fridgid November forest in hopes I can uncover some sort of inspiration to get me drawing this week.