Sunday, November 13, 2005

Scary Shit

We lived in a low income housing complex when my memory first began to serve me.

I had an imaginary friend; Jessica. (Which I pronounced Jekkika.)

"No Jekkika, I can't play!"

I stared into the dark bedroom, and those were the words I kept saying over and over, according to my mother. I stared at an old rocking chair when I said it. It was night time, and the hall light was the only light on upstairs.

She was scared shitless.

Dad came home, and all was well...until they went to bed.d

My tricycle was very sqeaky, and you could hear it moving around downstairs. Mom, thinking it was me, checked my bed. I was in it, sound asleep.

The next morning, my tricycle was in a totally different place, without an explaination.


Later on, in the same place -- I stood at the top of the stairs hysterical, as "the bald man" had ran and hid in the closet. Mom was so scared, that she locked us in the bedroom until dad was going to come home.

"The bald man" haunted me for years as a child. I would swear that he was lurking around every door, as he had a tendancy of doing. He was in most of my nightmares, unless I had the large white teddy bear that I would occassionally take to bed with me. The famed "Bear thatdon'tmakemehavebaddreams". He was fluffy, white, and had a green vest with a red tie. We still have him, he's in the attic.

When we moved from the low income housing into a double house on Washington Avenue, the dreams only got worse, and so did the "bald man" encounters. The man looked like Mr. Clean, but his cold stare would burn through me and make my legs lose all ability to move.

I had a habit of hiding under my covers for the first few minutes of being in bed, and on this particular night things were no different; I was peering out into the hallway from the safety of a dome of covers, leaving on a crack to see out.

Finally, mom and dad went to sleep. I began dozing off, when suddenly a dark gray shadow in the sleek slender shape of "the bald man" zipped past my bedroom door.

I was awake. This was NOT a dream. He was almost like a shadow, moving so quick and silently.

He ran past to my parents room, when all of the sudden I heard a gasp from BOTH parents.

At the very moment he passed my room, their bedroom door cracked open and BOTH parents thought they saw the silohette of someone looking into the bedroom.

To this day we tell that story to people, showing how creepy our house on Washington Avenue really was.

More tales later.