Saturday, November 12, 2005

Spirits That Follow?

I believe in ghosts. Or at least, by my experience, they SEEM to exist.

Last night's experiments opened up a whole can of "ghost experiences" that I and my family have had in the past.

I didn't shower last night. I went to bed with hairglue intact, smelling of cologne, and NO I wasn't happy about having to do this. My point however is, that I refused to get a shower, for the attic is in our bathroom, and I was mortified by the nights experiences.

I flew up the stairs, ran the toothbrush across my teeth, and hopped across the hall and pounced on my big bed. Having taken my contacts out, I sat silently for a moment with the light on, staring into the dark hallway, wondering why my cat Toby didn't follow (as he usually does). NONE of the cats followed me to bed. They say cats can detect spirits.

About that time, I heard a faint tap within the walls by the foot of my bed. The more I focused, it seemed my bed was beginning to quiver. (Something that seems to happen to me frequently, as if it's being pushed by something under it.)

I sprung into the air, snapped the light string, and darted under my covers as if I was 7 all over again. And there I spent the first 20 minutes of sleep time, staring into the blackness of my sheets, face moistened by the suffocating warmth of my own breath.

Another noise hit the outside of the house. I tried to sink deeper into the covers, until finally I had to come up for air.

Only recently have we started having weird unexplained things happening in this house -- which makes me wonder if the original people who lived in this house are still alive. (I know who they were...and they were very very old YEARS ago.)

For instance, dad shot up the cellar steps awhile back because he heard feet shuffling over behind the furnace by the drier. There was movement seen in the corner of his eye. He thought it was me, but when he yelled and checked, he saw nothing.

But these happenings are far less spooky than the happenings on Washington Avenue, and Columbia Avenue, where a shadowy figured bald man with a sleek build seemed to haunt us frequently.

To be continued...