Saturday, November 12, 2005


Rare are the times that I've been scared enough to cry.

My friend Amanda and her friend Tiff had the bright idea that we should visit Baughman's Cemetery at 11:15 pm tonight.

I've done it before, nothings ever happened. I'm as skeptical as the next person about that crap.

But, tonight, I was literally so scared that I was in tears.

We started up the long winding dirt road that leads back through the woods to the cemetery. We laughed at the thought of what we were about to do. Baughman's Cemetery is surrounded by forest, with a lone house 150 yards across a field being the closest place to run to.

The shadows were thickened by our bright headlights, and we entered the graveyard. I had the bright idea of having the windows down.

The dirt road loops through the grave yard, and there are graves on either side of the road. It loops right around, with only ONE entrance/exit.

On lap one, we got to a point in the "lap" where Tiffany and I heard a weird humming noise coming from the right door. We got nervous about it, sped up, and Amanda wasn't convinced.

Lap two found us hearing the SAME humming noise at the SAME point in the graveyard. Unnerved, Amanda hit the gas and we began to speed...when the car completely stalled.


We locked the doors, the windows were wound up tightly, and the car started up almost immediately. We took off, exited the graveyard, and discussed the events with pounding hearts.

"You're fucking with us!"

"No YOU'RE fucking with us!

"No YOU guys are fucking with me, seriously, stop it!"

Tiffany and I decided it would only be settled if we could go back. I got the funny feeling SHE was doing something, so I thought of course I went with the idea.

Bad mistake.

We turned around on the dark road, and headed back up to the graveyard again. Amanda drove through with a quickened pace, too fast to hear anything at "the point" in the road were we had heard the noise before.

"SLOW DOWN! You can't even hear 'cause you're goin' so fast."

We drove slow, and agreed for another lap.

The idea had no sooner passed through my lips, when I saw flashes of red on a distant tombstone. Break lights? My heart pounded.

Before I could register so much as a second thought about it, Tiffany screamed the most blood curdling, sincere scream I've ever heard in my life. She quickly followed with HYSTERICAL bawling.

I watched the tears rush down her freckled cheeks, as she pounded on the dashboard, yelling "GO GO GO GO GO GO! PLEASE GO!"

I've never in my life experienced such hysterics.

20 feet in front of us, a muted red image roughly 6 feet in height had dove through the brush out of view. It wasn't a solid object. It was like smoke.

I hadn't even seen the thing, as I was distracted by the red "things" i had seen on a tombstone to the left.

But Tiffany's panting, and tear drenched face was enough to convince me that this was no trick.

Amanda's foot hit the pedal, and we burst forward down the dark road, water eyed, promising to never return to Baughman's Cemetery again. The stories of haunted happenings are true as far as we are concerned.

I can't even get a shower tonight, I'm so freaked.