Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cold November Rain

Tonight, I walked in the rain.

For the past three nights, I've returned to a fierce routine of power walking. It feels good. In fact, it feels wonderful.

The entire time I walk my legs are burning, and I'm investing in a pair of arm weights very soon to help give my arms a work out. My muscles have been more firm, and overall I've been a happier person. (Now if only I had my iPod to keep me company on the trip.)

Tonight I was cut a lap short by cold pouring November rains, accompanied by the rare autumn thunderstorm. We've had TWO thunderstorms in the past week.

I walked full tilt, legs burning, right on the edge of a jog when the cold drops began to smack off my head and arms.

Even as it began to rain harder, I continued on my route -- not wanting to succumb to lazyness.

It was strangely liberating. The brown and yellow leaves were laying wet, curled, and scattered around the side walks and road sides. The cracks and crevaces in the road were filling with water, and my hair had become sleek, wet, and black, and my heart pumped under my wet red shirt.

I had regained the exercise routine, and rediscovered how valuable self-evaluation can be when incorperated with that routine.

A man walking his dog, drooped in a dark green pancho stared at me as I strided past.

"You're crazier than I am! I'm in a pancho!"

"Yeah, but it wasn't raining when I started this!"

Water ran down my face, mixed with sweat, and I thought how crazy fun this all was.

Super Boy knows I'm gay now, by the way.

I don't know that there has been a change in his behavior for better OR worse...being that I haven't really worked with him.

When he came in today, he looked me in the eyes and said "Hey Michael."

It was like an imaginary warm arrow was shot into my chest.



Two gay guys in their 30's have been coming in to work lately, twice the other day when I worked.

Now, I have been checked out before by other guys...but NEVER was it made so obvious. To be honest, it made me feel wasn't sure how to walk. Suddenly I had to THINK about my every movement, and how it would appear to them as they stared at me.

One made a comment to the other, muffled, but I knew it was about me. If I would look at them, they would continually TRY to make eye contact. I would immediately lower my eyes as a subordinate.

The first time they left, they walked away across the parking lot, backs to me, frequently turning around to look me over YET again. I think the other customers were even picking up on it.

Would you think I'm a slut if I said I kind of enjoyed the fantasy of having two FILFs (Fathers I'd Like To Fuck) with me in bed? There was something low, and dirty about these guys which in my mind, turned on what we will refer to as the "kinky key" on.

Haha...just a fantasy. I would never go through with it.

Anyway, what would Super Boy think? HA!


In regards to that, I'm a firm believer that Super Boy is gay, but he's stuck in the closet. (As previously mentioned.) I'm beginning to wonder if he isn't more work than he's worth, as the more time I spend around him, I'm picking up on little things about him that don't click. (He seems to think about MONEY a lot.)

Especially since someone new might be making an appearance or mention in my blog.


I guess we'll have to find out. We need to see if he's deserving of a nickname first.

A few facts so you're not completely in the dark:

1. He's cute, and gay.
2. We've only talked online, but he lives locally, and says I'm cute.
3. He wants to "break me in" to some area gay bars.
4. He's suggested having a movie night for Kill Bill and Sex and The City.

We'll see if he's worth mentioning.