Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Various Shit

Howdy partners,

I keep doing this thing where I get out of blogging mode for a few days, then blogging becomes even more difficult because I've lost interest in most of what has happened. You have to be interested in what you write about, or it just isn't as interesting.

First off, and probably the biggest dissapointment of the week is the fact that Gwen Stefani was playing in Philadelphia Sunday night and I couldn't afford to go. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it), the Harajuku Lovers Tour only stops in like 42 LARGE US cities...of which, Pittsburgh is not included.

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. has outsold No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" in Australia, and has surpassed 5 million copies sold worldwide. It's been almost a year since it was released, and the second album (yet to be titled) hasn't yet been released (but the songs are already insanely popular in the Gwen Stefani fan community).

And regardless of how annoying it is to you is another live song sampler from the album, "Harajuku Girls".

[Video Removed]

In other news, my hag and I are no longer talking. I'll cover that base when I have more time.

Gotta go.