Monday, December 05, 2005


I bought a new CD today, one that I wasn't even aware of: The Darkness "One Way Ticket To Hell".

Although circumstances haven't allowed me to listen to the CD in full, I've already become ferociously addicted to the tracks "Hazel Eyes" and "Is It Just Me?", and I must say I am deeply impressed by the efforts. Plus, Justin Hawkins is cool because of his appearance on Def Leppard's "Hellraiser" cover.

Repopularizing flamboyant hard rock. Way to go boys.

Speaking of which, didn't Def Leppard look awesome on the VH1 Big in '05 Awards?

Kudos to their wardrobe department! It's been lacking since the Pyromania days. (In fact, Pyromania is the only era any of Def Leppard were even slightly sexy in MY eyes.) In any case, I missed the actual show, so I'm gonna have to settle for, or re-runs.

Def Leppard

And by the sounds of the official site, more "big things" are coming Def Leppard's way soon.

It's great to follow a band for so long, buy the albums nobody knows or cares about, sing to the song nobody knows well enough to sing to, and then to see them come full circle and be back in the ring rollin' around with other big name groups.


Music aside, I bought Star Wars Episode III tonight, and will be watching that tomorrow.

I saw parts of it, but my friends were babbling about some bullshit during the entire movie, so I missed most of it. (I did see the Mellenium Falcon in one of the space ports for those of you who like that obscure fan me.)

I'm also anticipating a district party for work up in Tuna Town. There's gonna be a DJ and loads of people from different stores around the district, so that'll be cool I guess.

Any takes on who's gonna be dancing his ass off?

Call me crazy, but I think this pimple is dissapearing slowly. It will probably regrow to repulsive proportions just in time for my date...causing me a cancellation for a 3rd time.

I better get this thing off my face before it accrues its own zipcode.