Wednesday, December 07, 2005


We drove around a series of small towns miles up the mountain that overlooks our town in search of the lights. was more like a series of small villages with weird names like "Viola" and "Baccaria".

It was "Baccaria" we were searching for, known for it's elaborate display of Christmas lights. Colorful light up cut outs that are in most cases, fully animated. The scene is awesome. Typically.

To make a long story short, we got lost. Very, very lost.

I suppose we made the best of things, driving through the land of hicks. I mean, we had fun arguing and bickering about which way to take, and blasted music for a lot of the way. (I guess we have Black-Eyed Peas "SHUT UP" to blame for not paying as close of attention as we should've been.)

Whatever the scenario, we finally passed what looked like the light display...unlit.

Yes folks, after almost 2 hours of searching, we finally FOUND the village and display, but it wasn't lit. Funny how the two ladies at the Snappy's gas station failed to let us in on that little secret.

Then, we got lost on the way home.

It made for a long ride, but here we are.

So, to sum up the drive...home. No fucking lights after all that crap.