Thursday, December 08, 2005

Stupid Decision

She swallowed the worm!

I could tell just by her drowsied facial expressions, and head bobbing antics that she was going down, and it was all because of that fucking worm she engulfed with the tequila.

It was the district Christmas party, with over 100 other employees scheduled for the night at the Baby Boomers reception hall. Music was playing, and our store manager was on her way. Meanwhile, I sit poised waiting with a handful of my own employees around a circular table, waiting for my store employees arrival.

"What in the hell are we going to do about her?"

Employee S was an 18 year old, who had consumed alchohol. A LOT of alchohol. (Legal drinking age is 21 years here.)

She made the irresponsible decision prior to picking me and a couple other employees up, and I was thankful that I was not involved.

Except, in a way -- I was. I knew she had been drinking, and yet she was driving us down to the store to gather and drive to the Christmas party. I was bitching the entire time about her drinking and driving, and when we finally (and safetly) arrived at the store to rendezvous with the others, employee A took over and decided to drive.

Luckily, I opted to ride with someone else. Even being in the same car with a drunk underager made me nervous. I had the feeling she was going to make a fool out of herself, and I wanted no part of it.

We were off. When we finally arrived at the reception hall and parked, we were told by the others who rode in her car that she had drank the worm. I knew it was a bad sign when she stumbled behind me on the ice and nearly ripped off my shirt and coat in the process.

We went inside, and found our seating. She stumbled around, slurred speech and dizzied eyes only got worse as 20 minutes passed. Before long, she began bobbling her head, which was a sure sign to me that she was going down.

Employee D walked over, and I looked at her.

"Are you taking her home?"

"Yes." she mouthed

Then, employee S barfed discreetly. Her head was resting on the table edge, arm wrapped around it. The only way you could see the puke was if you looked under the table and the spit dripping from her mouth.


Here we are, being catered to in a fancy well decorated reception hall...and there is a drunk under-ager puking under the tables.

"We gotta get her out of here before our manager gets here."


And with that, they scoop her up and take her to the restroom, where she lays on the floor, in her own drool.

Finally she gets up to her feet and they clamor outside for a smoke, before she starts toppling over again. Off to the car they go.

Just as they start pulling out, our manager pulls into their parking spot. Perfect timing.

Now today, the questions are being drilled into us. What happened? Who was involved?

Why do people put you in awkward situations by being stupid???