Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Me, Rambling Yet Again

I was working the hardest out of the four employees.

Slammed with orders, there were two supervisors making food, meanwhile me and employee J manned the registers.

It was a chaotic mess, and employee J is not the quickest of cashiers as it is.

The check machine was taking forever to approve a check, so I put that transaction on hold, told the lady to step aside so I could work on the other 20 people in line.

Multitask on.

So, aside from watching the check machine for approval, and a reciept for the patient woman who I'd set aside, I'm fetching cigarettes and more for others.

"Credit or debit?"


I swipe the card, hand it back to the customer, and zip off 10 feet to my right to throw some coffee on the burners while the reciept prints.

"Michael, you could be coming back here and running our food up to the registers!"



Now, there is no doubt in my mind that some managers are accused of slave driving bitches without good reason, but this is not the case.

"I'm busy!"

"Well so are we!"

Okay? So doesn't that mean lets just do the best we can do, and get over it? Learn how to manage bitch.

Then, if this chaos wasn't enough, employee J kept FUCKING UP. She's been there longer than me, and I have to help her out all the time! She just doesn't have the mentality for it, of which I won't blame her...but for God's sake...I can't be expected to be a babysitter and trainer on top of everything else that I was that day.

Nerves a wreck, I came home. Guts in a knot.


But you know what pisses me off about this situation the most?

Between 11 AM and 1 PM there is to be nobody in the backroom. No drinks, & get your bathroom breaks in before hand!

But at 11:20 AM, my manager began talking to another store manager when she came to pick up a transfer.

45 minutes she stood there, holding down the counter. Appearantly it was going to fly into the air, she felt it to be a good place to lean.


Do you know that I didn't even get a chance to pee from 6 AM - 3 PM because I was constantly doing something?

And if someone talks to me, or wants to bullshit for a second, I'm not allowed?

It WILL be brought up at the next meeting, and there will be hell to pay. I'm a vicious bastard, and I'm rearin' and ready to kick some fucking convenience ass!

I work with a pack of boss hens who pecker around and expect me to pull the brunt of the weight.

I will not be used.

Another thing that pisses me off is how I get fucked every holiday, and have to work the times when I am supposed to be celebrating. (Meanwhile, the "golden circle" gets to work early enough that they don't have to worry about it.)

Late morning, till sometime in the late afternoon is typically when I'm scheduled. OOPS! EXCEPT for new year's eve. I mean, of course I'd be able to enjoy it if they scheduled me that time for new year's eve. So, what do they do? Make me work until midnight.

Next time I shit I should look into the toilet, that way I will know exactly how big my managers cock is from fucking me all the time.

Peace and love to all.