Monday, December 26, 2005

Itchy, Kitties, and the post-Christmas Shitties?

hand lotions

I've opened up a full-out attack on my hands with a barrage of hand lotions. Even in rubbing in the lotion, the itching sensation grew to almost orgasmic proportions. So powerful is this feeling, that I breath heavily, and grow beads of sweat on my forhead during the "rubbing".

It's funny to see it written out in text, but seriously, I was applying some hydrocortizone in the bathroom, and I actually worried that my dad would think something was "going on" in the bathroom from my heavy breathing, and the slurp sound of the cream on my hands. It felt so...amazing!!! But really, this is a bad sign. It means I'm simultaneously itching my hands while putting the anti-itch cream on...which makes each little bump ooz a microdrop of liquid which in turn causes more itching.

Did you ever have a cat or dog that bit itself when you scratch its back? Well, I am that dog or cat.


Speaking of cat, I had the ol'digital camera out today, when I felt a fuzzy warmth at my feet. Then a flop. I looked down to find Eli, the moodiest of my three cats, rolling around my feet playfully.

I crawled to the floor, and he walked toward me, and flopped again. Then I snapped this picture:



He's a cream colored tabby, rather small in build, and probably 5 years old. He reminds me of a little lion cub.

I have to find a way to get GOOD photographs of my other two. Being that one's entirely black, and the other is black and white, I've yet to take a quality picture of either of them. But considering Toby is 14, and Gabby is 13, I need to take a lot more than what I have because these are the kitties that have been with me since I was in 2nd and 3rd grade.


I'm surprised that this is the first year our cats haven't attempted destruction of the Christmas tree.

There have been a few mornings in previous years were Toby had knocked it down. It's funny to watch them act all wild under the tree, as if it's their territory. I suppose, knowing how a cats mind works, it IS their territory. Which is probably why 70% of the disputes are around the tree.

Christmas Tree

Surprisingly enough, they've left the icicles alone. Equally odd is that no balls have been knocked down.

And now, with Christmas over, it's sad to think that our beautiful tree will soon be naked, and whipped into the cold winter air, not long after new years. Without a doubt it will be missed by both human and feline members of my family. shitties has nothing to do with bowel activity.

Peace and love to all.