Sunday, December 25, 2005

To My Blogger Buds on Christmas Day

I guess a bit of the ol'Christmas spirit seeped into my system afterall.

I have to be honest, this is the first year in my life I've ever felt bad, or negative, about Christmas's arrival. I'm typically a very festive person when it comes to Christmas, but this year I've been all bah-humbug about everything Christmas related, for various personal reasons.

However, in writing a brief email to a handful of friends, and telling them how important they were to me, I have seemingly injected myself with a bit of the Christmas spirit as I read the responses.

When I wrote the email this afternoon, I was in tears thinking about what each individual brings to my life. They were tears of happiness, and thankfulness for each and every one of these amazing people. (There are a few that haven't recieved the email because I didn't have a sure email address, or I just have yet to add it to my yahoo address book.)

I wrote to each person what they brought to my life, and it made me feel so good. And then, came the responses.

Amazing responses so far, that once again, brought tears of happiness to my eyes.

I love you guys!!!

So, I figured I'd extend it onto the blog, and maybe bring cheer to others.


Jude ~ You are an amazing woman who has been the battery that keeps me blogging sometimes. There are many entries in this blog, and no matter how crappy, or negative, or worthless it always interject a friendly comment. Even when nobody else has a word to say. Such a sweetheart!

Monique ~ My God girl, look at how long we've been friends! It's been on and off I suppose, but I think it's because we have so much in common. You've been like a big sister to me in many ways, from bickering at each other, to our many "one on one" talks about life in general.

Don't think for 5 seconds I don't appriciate the shoulder you give me each and every time something goes wrong in my life. Because I do.

Sandy ~ It was great meeting you this summer! I had a great time in Pittsburgh with you, and hope to do it again in 2006. And to think I almost didn't get to say goodbye!

P.S. Thanks for verifying that I'm not a negative person on your blog. Anyone who has joined me at this blog in the past year certainly would have that impression!

Connie ~ Thanks for the great seats, both times! LOL...thanks for sitting and talking to me via instant message while I bitch and moan. Good luck with your eBay addiction. Here's hoping Joe Elliott gives you a big smooch in 2006.

Kim ~ Go 49ers! Here's another one I wish I could buy a Joe Elliott smooch for, but I don't want to start a cat fight! LOL...Merry Christmas Kim! Thanks for sticking by me even though I'm an idiot sometimes!

Steven ~ You cold hearted bitch...I love it. Now, post some more photos of you in a cowboy outfit (chest unbuttoned) so that I can envision my own version of Brokeback Mountain, starring you and I. (insert grinning smiley here)

In any case, I'm off to bed. It's almost 2 AM now, and Santa is gonna skip over my house.

If I left you out, please don't feel bad, there are a few others I would like to add, but I'm falling asleep at the keyboard.

* Merry Christmas!