Saturday, December 17, 2005

News Tidbits

Would someone please remind me what makes us a free country? I mean seriously, what makes us any more free than say, Canada? How about Finland?

Now, I've never been a political person, primarily because political discussion are typically heated. (And quite frankly, I don't defend things I'm not well-informed on.) But I think even the biggest of idiots can see where this would be an issue.

President Bush, according to sources, "lashed out" at those involved with revealing the program that Bush has personally authorized 30 times since the September 11 attacks.

If you sacrifice your civil liberties, haven't the terrorists already won?

I suppose I can see the point in implimenting such a program, I just fear that it will become all to easy to use this for other, less-citizen-friendly purposes.


I also came across an interesting tidbit on post-glacial rebound.

As it turns out, Florida and the Hudson Bay in northeastern Canada get 1 millimeter closer to each other every year. That's roughly an INCH closer, every 25 years.

Interesting eh? The next example isn't caused by post-glacial rebound, but by giant chunks of the earth's crust colliding at the plate boundries.

The San Andreas Fault, which runs north to south slips about 2 inches every year, causing LA to move towards San Fransisco. According to scientists, the cities will MERGE in about 15 million years.

They should name it San Fran Angeles!