Monday, January 16, 2006

Her Final Week

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My 13 year old "sister" is dying. 13 freakin years of purring, cuddling, loving, and playing...and my little Gabby is on her final legs.

It started with the seizures, months ago. Each time, she declined a bit more. By December, she had lost a very noticable amount of weight, and has appeared to lose fur on her hind legs.

Ever loving, and seemingly happy, dad refused to have her put down. She still followed him to bed, and hopped into bed with me when I would come to bed much later in the night.

Things are different now. Her breathing has become labored. She's not comfortable sleeping, as it seems to make breathing difficult. Her sides heave.

Tonight, she couldn't make it up the stairs. Yesterday, she easily could've accomplished this.

The demotion of her health is evident, and I wonder if she will make it through the night, or die beside my parents in their bed.

If she survives, I'm going to take some final pictures of my "Gabby Girkimimus", aka "Piggy Woman" and "Gurt".

Thirteen friggin' years. That's longer than my own brother has been part of the family. This isn't going to be easy, as I'm already crying about it and she's still alive.