Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Work Shit

Most of you are very familiar with my rants regarding my store manager, and how she sometimes acts/treats employees.

Well it just so happens that she is substituting at another store this week. And...it just so happens that they had at least one (and possibly more) employee walk out on her shift.



Tonight, I substituted at another store with 3 other of my stores employees to fill in for a meeting.

With no management, the responsibility of manager was thrown on me without question. The shift ran pretty smoothly, but to say it passed without event would be an outright lie.

The blue pontiac grand am was parked ever-so-innocently at pump # 2. The bright lights of our displays gleamed on the shiny surface when I noticed the lights came on. (Mind you, watching the gas pumps was not my responsibility, it was the responsibility of another employee.)

Suddenly, they whipped out and around the gas pumps, and flew out onto the road toward the intersection.


With that I shot out the door, as customers cheered me on. The other employees stared out the window at me as I dashed across the parking lot like a gazelle, and then OFF the companies property. (Actually, that's a no-no...but oh well!)


THe car in front of this bastard stopped, and a car pulled up behind him...making escape impossible.

There was cardboard taped to the license plate.

Extremely aggrivated, I charged toward the car who sat helplessly in front of me, and RIPPED the cardboard off right in front of a dozen people.

"I don't think so!" I yelled.

I returned to the store, and I'm happy to report that I turned in the license plate # and description to the local police department.

This person will lose his license.

Upon their return from the meeting, the store manager hugged me, gave me a "WOW" badge (lol), and said "Michael, never do that again."

Oh well...knowing that the motherfucker lost his license was good enough for me. Take that mutha fucka!!!!!!

Peace and love to all.