Friday, January 06, 2006


Tinkering? No folks, I didn't fart. But I have been messing around with myspace.

For someone like me, with absolutely no webdesign talent, it's a fun thing to tinker around with. In any case, I had fun doing it, and I'm all about fun!


I did some artwork today! WOO HOO! The gears are oiled folks, and in a short period I cranked out a nice little piece of artwork (two hen wild turkeys, perched on a hemlock) for my father to have engraved in his new limited edition turkey call. (Turkey calls are a surprisingly collectable item. Just check out eBay.)I have the preliminaries for another design also completed, and I scooted on down to my friends at the taxidermist to get some high quality reference photos for an upcoming pen and ink of a Bobcat, and a Ruddy Duck. (These two illustrations aren't for my father...but rather for the upcoming art exhibit in July.)

Essentially, he's going to pay me a given amount with each call he sells, which means some money is going to be rolling in. There's nothing quite like the feeling of making dough doing something you love. Even better is the fact that his last limited edition call sold out in a day, and he made a shitload of cash from it.

So anyway...I'm pretty tweaked about all that. I was pleased to find the talent hadn't left my fingers this evening when I started drawing. I guess I just hadn't been inspired enough to draw prior to this point.


Speaking of fingers, my hands are healing extremely well due to one simple product:


While it's rather noisy as an anal lubricant (not something I've learned by experience mind you), vaseline was recommended to me by the areas top dermatologist.

"If people only knew the wonders of vaseline, I would be out of a job."

So, I lathered up my hands, pulled a pair of white socks over my hands, and voila! My fingers not only bend completely, but the splits are almost completely gone, and the swelling has dissipated to practically nothing.

Within a week I would say my hands will be perfect.

Thanks GOD for vaseline! I will recommend it to ANY of you who have dry skin, or dermatitus. It's amazing.

Hopefully I'll have some artwork for you all to gander at tomorrow.

Peace, love, and vaseline to all.