Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Off? I think Not!

When I'm asleep, I am ASLEEP. (Doesn't the word "asleep" look weird when you really sit and observe it?)

Anywho...I ended up going in and working a couple hours on my "day off" today as there was a relative "crisis" at work of which my store manager and district manager had to be holed up in the office for awhile.

The last thing I really wanted to do was drag my lazy ass out of bed, shower, shave, and hop into the wonderful world of Sheetz. I'd much rather be dreaming of Heath Ledger in tight jeans and a cowboy hat.

Alas, the dream was shattered when my father handed me the phone. Getting called in sucks, especially when the person on the other side puts somewhat of a guilt trip on you. I almost said no, but in the back of my mind I remembered the request offs and vacation days I had just put in for April's trout season...and didn't feel like having them revoked as some sort of indirect punishment for my refusal.

So...a couple hours of work...then back home. An hour of video games and then back down to work, where we trekked up to our store meeting. As per usual, little was learned, and I'm sure those who are making the mistakes will continue to do so.

But yeah...it already had started getting dark when I left the meeting, so that sucked. My whole "day off" was spent at "work".

Now tomorrow 3 - 11:30, and two days off.

My hands are really bugging me tonight...itching and stuff...it's like they are becoming immune to udder cream. I'm going to update the checkbook, and make an appointment with a highly recommended dermatologist in the upcoming week or so to get this crap taking care of.

As an artist, this is ridiculous. I have artwork to do dammit, and I can't be bleeding on paper. My precision and detailing has also been affected by swollen puffy fingers, and tender skin.

One dilemma at a time Michael, one dilemma at a time.

Peace and love to all.