Thursday, February 23, 2006

Getting It Together

Going to bed is the most difficult thing, now that Toby is gone.

Not having Gabby around was bad enough, but Toby was my bed bud. Each night when I'd adjust my dishoveled sheets to prepare for bed, he'd jump on (annoyingly) and stand there purring, as if to say "hurry!".

I only wish he was still there. I catch myself looking for him on my bed when I pass my room, and last night I mistook my brothers black backpack for him.

Now bedtime has taken on an empty feeling. I no longer have him there curled in the fork of my legs, nor do I have him purring into my ear as he so often did. But I'm slowly getting it together.


Lately, I have been shelled up inside, and honestly I feel like I'm decaying. I've been playing a lot of Star Wars Battle Front II...I'm addicted.

Anything to take my mind of my kitties.

Eli, the remaining of the three cats is ever healthy. Unfortunately, I do not love him as I did the others. Eli is moody, unloving, and will attack you if you even attempt to pick him up.

He is so uninvolved with us sometimes that, well, I almost wish...nevermind.

We're talking about getting another cat or two, and perhaps even a dog. Our household is so empty right now, and Eli just isn't cutting it with that mean personality of his.


Anywho...I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts. You guys are the best.

Peace and love to all.