Friday, March 31, 2006

Freshness Of Spring

It was 75 degrees (F) today. No, that's not a typographical error. Today, it felt more like June than March, or April, and not surprisingly, it's now raining. I feel the cold front moving in, but even with the new air it's only supposed to go down to 60, a just about perfect temperature.

After working 8 AM - 12 PM, and locking antlers with my store manager, I decided to ask dad if we could go for a ride, and maybe a walk.

So, it was off to the State Game Lands where we walked around an old sun-bleached field of chuffa and corn husks, surrounded by forest. Early spring leaves much to be desired in the beauty department, but it is now that the first signs of beauty appear. From morel mushrooms, to colts foot flowers, and the first of the migratory songbirds. All these things add life to the freshly de-snowed wintered leaves and earth.

Poised under the blaring sun, I opted to caw like a crow to elicit a gobble from one of the local gobblers (male wild turkeys).

Crows, owls, hawks, and even thunder will often cause a gobbler to "shock gobble", as if scolding the loud inappropriate noise with his sticatto rattling gobble. This doesn't always happen however, and such was the case today. Gobblers have also been known to gobble at things like car door slams, beating on a tin pan, and sneezing!

Evidently my gruff cawing caused quite a stir! A pileated woodpecker laughed from a nearby tree, "ca ha ha ha ha hah ahah ha!" it sounded off, then drumming his bill off a white barkless hollow tree to let others know of his presence. Blue Jays scolded, other crows cawed, and birds sang in response...but no gobbles.


With that said, 'tis the season for birdhouses. Hurry up, get to your nearest store and buy one!

My grandma has about 4 for me to put up, I'm hoping their standardized bluebird houses. (Certain birds prefer certain size boxes.)

The Eastern Bluebirds seem to be everywhere, and it's always a pleasant site seeing them flit around the yard like blue sparks of happiness. I encourage every one of my readers to put up a birdhouse within the next couple of weeks, and keep track of what bird nests in it. It could be a fun little friend to have around, and you'd be helping them out at the same time.

It could be a fun little thing to do I think...especially if you manage to get photos of the birds feeding their young or building the nest. ;)

Well...that's all for now.

Hugs and a pinch in the ass to all!