Monday, March 06, 2006

Unexpected Art Competition

Well, it's 1:33 and I'm sitting here absolutely MISERABLE from my hands. They have broken into horrible rashes, which is now worsened to the point that I now have "dermatitus" on the back of my hands.

I'm not sure if it's nerves, but I'm thinking it has a huge part to do with allergic reactions to *something*.

As everyone is probably well aware, on top of me hating my job, it is now physically painful for me to do it.

I'm not allowed making food (thank GOD), but then again the dirty money from the registers dries out my hands, and the simple task of fingering out change becomes less-than-easy.

However....I made a doctors appointment today. This is were I draw the line. It's worse than it's EVER been, and it's taking every ounce of mindpower I have to keep from itching open these little bumps that have engulfed my hands.

As of next Wednesday, treatment will begin, and I will [hopefully] be on the road to recovery.


In other news a local taxidermist has informed me of an art competition held in Altoona this week for members of the Taxidermy Association.

Essentially, my duck ink drawing will be judged along with some 3D bronze sculpture, and other 2D art for a top prize of a limited edition Ned Smith print, as well as ribbons and publicity.

I go up Thursday to drop off the artwork, and I'll know by Saturday if I did well or not.

I'm not really doing it for the competition value, so much as I am to get critique, and a bit of publicity.

Blue-Winged Ink if only I knew how to print off business cards!!

I'll keep you all posted!

Love, hugs, and kisses to all!