Friday, March 10, 2006

Wish Me Luck

So, a friend of mine seems pretty confident that I'm going to fare well in the art catagory of the Taxidermy Association Expo at the Blair County Convention Center. I hope he's right, because top prize is a Ned Smith print that was never finnished by Ned Smith, because he died while working on it.

It features Rocky Mountain Elk, and is titled "Unfinnished Business". Kind of ironic I suppose.

In any case, I'm going to try and get someone to work my short shift tomorrow because I would really like to attend in case I win. It would be nice to get that print, or even just some ribbons and publicity type stuff.

There's gonna be a banquet, and all that fun stuff...and I have a couple people in mind that can work for me, so I just need to ask the head hancho herself.

The fact is, I've been coming in, and working a good amount for others at work, and I think they owe me. Especially since this is so important to me.

I dunno, if they say no, maybe I can switch with someone or something...but this award is very important to me, and I just found out yesterday that I really should be there. Plus I have to take it home, and get it out of the convention center, and my friend doesn't have the power to do that without this little card thingy I have.

In any case, I'm hoping for the best in all situations today.

Peace and love to all.