Thursday, April 27, 2006

American Idol

Finally, Kelly Pickler goes.

Don't get me wrong, the girl sings a pretty country tune, but she's not very good at adapting to other genres. I think America fell for her life story, cute looks, and naivety, more than her singing.

With that said, I'm hoping Paris goes next week. The girl isn't quit as "stand outish" as the others.

Something I thought was cool was how Simon and Randy apologized to Kathrine for a misguided critique on last night's show. Evidently when they heard her performance on tape, they felt much better about it, and felt they owed her an apology. I wondered what they were listening to, because it obviously wasn't the same performance I was hearing!!

It seems America has realized what a great vocalist Elliott Yamin is, as he wasn't in the bottom 2 tonight. To me, he's the best singer in the group, and most real. Unfortunately, a set of bad teeth will likely keep him from winning, just because it's those teeny boppin' girls that do a lot of the voting!

Then again, Chris definitely deserves the title, as does Katherine. Ah this point they all deserve the title, but I know it will be Chris vs. Katherine.