Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Poached Eggs

So, I decided to embark on a drunken photographic trip last night at my friend's house where I photographed everything that looked interesting to me. Unfortunately, when you're drunk, everything is interesting, even not-so-interesting things such as generic Mountain Dew:

Mountain Holler

And just in case you're wondering, yes, it does taste almost identical to Mountain Dew!

Or how about this shot of a fucking chandalier:


In any case, it was just me and Sue [wendy's mom] last night. We got some captain morgan, and mixed it with fruit punch. I soaked in so much alchohol in such a short period, that I was completely messed up by the time American Idol started. Keep in mind that even though I do have the Irish bloodline, I do very little drinking.

I was loud, and found it extremely difficult to manage my thoughts in a normal way, resulting in me forgetting what the fuck I was talking about half way through a conversation.

Yes, I'm drunk as hell at this point.

So, anyways...after yelling at the judges of American Idol for being completely WRONG about Kathrine, my vicious hunger began to take over.

Vanilla Pudding

Just then, I noticed something cooking.

What's cookin'?


Ravashed, I spread the eggs on this:

Let's make a toast.

Finally, after filling my gullet, clogging my veins, and putting my liver into overtime, I retired to bed for the night, where I got to sleep with this:


Oh well. At least somebody wants to sleep with me! Haha!