Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bad Friend

I redid the fish drawing, and here's the result:


Fishy! (Detail)

That quality of these cartoon drawings, I've noticed, goes down when they have to be shrunk down to a small size for the blog. I have the large version on my desktop background.

Ideally, I'd someday like to have a blog skin themed around my drawings and stuff. Don't hold your breath though, as previously stated I know nothing about that crap, and it will likely be awhile before I learn.

Yesterday I was a bad friend.

I cancelled plans to attend a friends birthday, and hung out with another. The fact is, this friend has a sense of arrogance about her now that she's getting an apartment, car, and boyfriend, and the fact is: I'm oozing with jealousy.

I have none of those things, and desire them all at this time.

What's worse is that once again I have gone from 'best friend in the world' to bantha fodder in a matter of a couple months.

It's a crappy feeling, and I guess I just wanted to hurt her like she hurts me. Maybe now she knows what it feels like to be second best.