Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chemical Warfare On Plants

With rashes covering his body, itchy-as-hell swollen skin, swollen eyes, and weird bumps, it's a shame that it all boils down to someone wanting a nice lawn.

Chem-lawn is hired by various people in the neighborhood, including the High School, to spray chemicals on the yard to prevent the growth of Dandilions and weeds. This easy method of weed removal does not come at a cost though, even for the people who ARENT paying money for it. My father is allergic, and now so is my brother. He looks horrible, feels okay...other than the insane itching all over his body.

Now I'm not sure of the details on the chemicals they use to kill weeds, but in my OH SO HUMBLE opinion, if it kills weeds, it can't be good for the natural environment!!!! Truth be told, it probably (like DDT) contributes in the softening of bird egg shells, and polluting of our natural world.

And all because we want a pretty lawn. :(