Sunday, April 23, 2006

MFM Chapter 1: Heath Ledger

For the record, MFM stands for "My Favorite Men". MFM are my personal group of elite celebrity hotties that have diseased my lust-filled daydreams like some sort of tropical bacterial infection.

Oddly enough, I've opted to start with my all time favorites: Heath Ledger.

Heath Ledger

First and formost, I adore Heath for taking on the role of a closet gay man in the new movie "Brokeback Mountain". Actors who have taken on gay roles (Tom Hanks, Heath Ledger, Antonio Benderras, etc) gain some extra respect for me, because quite honestly I'd bet these actors take some grief for taking such a career molding move.

With that said...I absolutely cannot stand how hot Heath Ledger is in Brokeback Mountain. I literally could not take my eyes off him any time he was on the screen! Oooohh have been in that tent with him!!!

Unfortunately, he's not only an untouchable celebrity, but he's very heterosexual, so I have zero chance!

Hot eyes, a smile that stays in your brain months after seeing it, and deep brown eyes with boyish can one argue?


Quite simply, you can't. (I think he'd make a lovely birthday gift for me though, don't you?)