Sunday, April 16, 2006

It Hurts So Good

Hahaha, I am so freakin sore today! But it was so worth it!

The day started off well, catching 6 trout of one hole. As happens occassionally, I completely screwed up a few others by snagging my lure and having to retrieve it from the water. For a huge portion of stream though, I did more walking than casting. The numbers of people fishing will drop dramatically even today, since the first day of season is over. It will continue to dimminish, and in two weeks a run-in with a fellow trouter will be a true rarity.

It is in the upcoming weeks that fishing becomes even MORE fun, and less about worrying about the other fair-weather fisherman who congested the stream yesterday.

Despite extremely low water conditions (making fish wary, and hard to fish for), I still managed to land 44 trout.

Of them, I kept 3 -- one being a female rainbow trout around 17.5 inches!!! That's classified as a trophy trout. What's more? At the same hole, I released a brown trout that was 15, and caught another rainbow 14, and a hatchery bred TIGER trout (half brook trout, half brown trout) that was 15 inches!

Most of the trout I caught yesterday were small, but those 4 are what ANYONE would consider a trophy.

What a day!

Now, to doctor up these cuts, bruises, and blisters! Ouchies!