Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Queen on American Idol

I watched American Idol last night. The show has been getting some extra attention, and contrary to what I originally believed when the show first started some of the vocalists that are voted through are actually turning out to be great musical artists! For reference, check out the album sales of Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood.

In any scenario, Queen was on last night to oversee the rehearsing and, ahem, at times, butchering of their great music.

Queen to me is a dead band. I love their music, but when you have a frontman like Freddie Mercury, how do you replace them? Moreover, how do you challenge his vocal, and take on the immense weight of trying to emulate him? But enough of that, on to the contestants.

Without a doubt, the best singers of the night were the ones who put their own flavor on the songs without trying to copy Freddie. I felt that Elliott Yamin did the best job, all around. The song he sang is a challenging one to sing, with so many chord changes, etc. I love Elliott's voice, have from the get go. It's sort of airy, and yet powerful.

My second vote goes to Taylor. Normally, I'm not much for him. He's definitely a good singer, but his style isn't one that I prefer over the others. However, last night I was completely knocked for a loop by his amazing performance. My mom (who's vote almost always goes to Taylor) got a kick out of it as well, almost as much as me admitting that he was one of the best of the night.

Third goes to Chris. I'm convinced Chris is going to win American Idol, because he's always been one of the best, sometimes completely blowing everyone else off the stage. He should've not been so self-indulgent with his song choice though. Nobody really KNOWS that song, and when you are hearing a song for the first time I think it's too hard to make a good judgement.

In any case, tune in at 9 EST tonight, as Queen is performing LIVE.

In other news...Ace has GOTTA go! I hope he goes tonight. He's so arrogant.