Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Guess It's Gonna Have To Hurt

Tonight my nerves are in a twisted knot, thanks to one of my co-habitants.

The way he's been acting today, we've all taken note, is insane!! Snapping, biting, and the HATEFUL WORDS have made a frightful return.

Calling my brother and I everything under the sun. I even took them out to eat to see if I could cheer him up, but all he did was sit in the booth at the pizza place facing away from me, glaring into space, not speaking.

Not a single nice word has come out of his mouth today. Fuckwads. Assholes. Dumb fucks. That's all we are today.

Today, I hate my father.

It's all good though, because WHEN SATURDAY COMES...nothing else matters to me.