Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bonuses? YEAH!

Best Buy tracklisting:

1. 20th Century Boy
2. Rock On
3. Hanging On The Telephone
4. Waterloo Sunset
5. Hell Raiser
6. 10538 Overture
7. Street Life
8. Drive In A Saturday
9. Little Bit Of Love
10. Golden Age Of Rock & Roll
11. No Matter What
12. He's Gonna Step On You Again
13. Don't Believe A Word
14. Stay With Me
15. No Matter What
16. Winter Song *

Also, I went to where you can sample a sort of "YEAH!" EP, which is evidently only gonna be released at Walmart.

Included on this release are also some exclusive backstage interviews, along with the covers "American Girl", "Space Oddity" and "Heartbeat".

Sav fans will be pleased with the track "Dear Friends", as Sav sings lead. "Search and Destroy" sounds like Phil on lead, the others mentioned are mister Elliott himself!

Now I'm wondering what bonuses Target will have? Looks like I'm gonna end up buying 4 versions of this album. Perhaps a wise move on the bands part!