Friday, May 19, 2006

Just in case...

If anyone is interested in buying any of the artwork I post, feel free to email me [] or just leave a comment. The following drawings are BOTH from High School, and were part of my college portfolio back 'in the day'. Unfortunately, they're taking up space now, and I'd like someone to take them off my hands.


This one is a Red-Headed Woodpecker. Not only was it one of my earliest pen and inks (as you can tell by the relatively stiff positioning and design), but it was ONE of my first EVER published pieces of artwork. It was published in the Tyrone Daily Herald, and State Colleges Centre Daily Times. It's black and white, pen and ink, and unmatted or framed.

Hiding Teal

The above picture is the last full color finnished piece of artwork I did. (It was 12th grade.) It was the same year I took first place in the Pennsylvania level of the Federal Junior Duck Stamp competition, so while this isn't the piece I decided to send in -- it IS a special piece of Michael history!!! I opted to go with the acrylic painting instead.

In any case, it has my original mat on it (with nametag, and artshow from HS), so you may want to get it matted again. It's done with pen and ink, and then colored lightly with prismacolors, and the image within the mat is 9 x 12 inches.

If anyone decides they like either of these illustrations enough to purchase, let me know. If so desired, I can send you a larger image of the bottom one to get a better look.

I've never sold artwork online I don't know how to do this. I can't exactly name a specific price, because what if I get 3 people who want it? So...the only thing I know to do is to award the drawing to the person who offers me the most for it.

These are ORIGINALS, and again, early high school drawings of mine. In short, if I do become a successful artist, they're gonna be worth a lot more when I'm dead. *grin*