Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm Famous

You MIGHT be a Def Leppard fan IF...

you are the ORIGINAL CREATOR of that list of the 21 possiblities of a crazed Leppard fan.

Everyone seems to forget that I was the one who created that list. I made the list (correct me if I'm wrong Monique) for the Def Leppard Anarchy newsletter back in 2001. After the end of DL Anarchy, I thought it was history, to be long forgotten. It had been years since I saw it last.

Now, all of the sudden I see it popping up on various message boards, myspaces, and blogs around DL fan land...and I am very proud, and a little bit sad that I get no credit for it! Heh.

Anyways...I thought I'd toot my own horn a little bit. Dammit, I deserve my fucking credit.