Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I suck at drawing people, mostly because I never do it. Yesterday I decided give it a stab and try doing a couple celebrity cartoon portraits. In any case, I want to see if I at least have a BIT of the likeness of that given person. Drawing people in particular isn't difficult, it's making them LOOK like someone specific. We'll see if you can name these two celebrity cartoonized faces:



[Before I forget, Marty -- I'll get the fish drawing(s) out to you with my next paycheck. Email your address to animalinstinct625@yahoo.com ]


Yesterday wasn't so uneventful. I spent the entire morning from daylight until noon poking around the forest, turkey hunting with my redneck father.

As I sat poised under the bow of a large hemlock tree fully camoflauged, a white splatter smacked my sleeve from out of nowhere! A quick look up caught a freshly pooped-out black-capped chickadee zipping away behind the dense branches of the mighty tree, leaving me to scrape off the "gift" with a tattered oak leaf.

I totally was gonna bring the camera yesterday, and after seeing that AMAZING sunrise, I wish I had. I was enamoured by American Woodcocks courting in the pink dawn sunrise, along with the songs of numerous familiar song birds. Eventually, crows chimed in, and even some Barred Owls, but no Wild Turkeys!

Going on just two hours sleep, I did start to doze off for awhile, my head lilting to the side like my neck had been snapped. Catching myself on the downward, I'd snap my head back up and try to widen my eyes, but the warming April sun makes staying awake an almost impossible task!

On the way out I was on the hunt for mushrooms, but to be honest I'm not really sure how to find my main target: the morel! I know they live around here, it's just finding the little buggers. In any scenario, I was just as content finding all sorts of sprouting buds, and ferns that were literally unraveling from the spring soils, busting from under a blockade of dead leaves.

Then, seemingly as quick as it began, my hunt was over and we returned home. "Home", where I succumb to things which I don't deal with under the bow of that mighty hemlock.

Until next time.