Friday, June 16, 2006

Exhausted, But Happy

I had a work party today at Delgrosso's Amusement park, which lies only a couple minutes from my house. (Delgrosso's are famous for their spaghetti sauce.) I got some sun, had a lot of fun, and saw a few hot buns while I was meandering amongst the people. (Wish I'd had floppies to take some pictures!)

That aside, I'm feeling a little queezy because I haven't been eating, and suddenly I piled a load of shit into my system. Not good.

Nine and a half hours in the June sun will zap the energy right out of you. Add greasy foods to the scenario, and you can imagine how I feel physically.

I did manage to get my store manager (and a couple other employees) on some of the scarier rides, although admittingly there isn't a whole hell of a lot of what I would consider "scary" stuff at this smallish amusement park. A good time was had by all.

When I finally got home around 8 tonight, I went over to my friend Wendy's house and did a little swimming. Though I feel good, I'm VERY relaxed, tired, and ready for bed.

I'm feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday (emotionally), so I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for such kind words! I'll tell you, not many people truly understand how strong LOVE for an pet can be, so I'm glad you guys do!

So, I'm about ready to pass out at this computer from exhaustion, so I'm going to head to bed. Tomorrow I work an 7.5 hour shift (starting at 11:30) at another store as a fill-in while they have *their* party. Then it's straight from there to Harrisburg area to visit my 2004 stompin' grounds for the first time in a long time.

Here's hoping for some lovely pictures, and moments to share.

Peace, love, and hugs to all.