Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Quest for Sharpness

So, I got me a new pair of flip flops.

Flip flops

I purchased these at the mall in Harrisburg the other day, and when I finally came home (my actual home), my dad was snooping to see what was in my bag. He found a reciept for a "hemp thong" and according to my mother, nearly had a heart-attack.

Dad: "Michael bought a hemp thong!"

Mom: "Wouldn't that be a little itchy?"

After that, mom explained to my father that it was in fact a pair of flip flops I had purchased, and not an actual hemp thong!! Good grief!!

Oh yeah...and I'm always bitching about needing new shoes, so I bought me some camo/white etnies:


Aren't they sharp?

I gots me a new pair of sunglasses too!! The better I feel about myself, the more likely I'll be to hop back into the dating pool.


By the way, I stopped by Rich's blog and noticed he's looking pretty darn sharp himself. Hard work pays off!

When it comes to working out, I consider myself lucky. I've always had a high tendency to develop muscle with relatively less struggle than some. The problem is, my main work out routine is simply walking and hiking, which seems to work my legs more than anything.

Here's the thing; I'm happy with my legs. My legs are really muscular from all that damn hiking and walking I do. It's the upper body I need to start focusing on now.

So yeah, as part of my 'quest for sharpness', I'm going to continue walking, and try and figure out a good upper body workout for the time being, until I have a car and can afford to drive to the gym. I like working out. It makes me feel good, so actually forcing myself to do it shouldn't be an issue.

It's just a matter of transportation and cash right now. That obstacle in itself is coming along, but we may not know for a few months yet. Then again...we COULD find out tomorrow if we won the battle. We have no idea really, they said "up to four months".

In the meantime...I'll focus on that which I have control over.


I sat down and watched a Lifetime movie last night about a kid who felt he was a woman, dressed as a woman, and was eventually murdered. His name was Eddie, but his "name" was Gwen.

Now, with all do respect, I don't judge Gwen at all, because I'm gay myself. (Though I don't dress in drag!) But honestly, how damn stupid do you have to perform sexual favors on a heterosexual male who is completely unaware of your "situation".

To make a long story short, the movie disturbed me, paricularly when they started beating him, and yelling slang terms at him. It brought back horrifying flash backs of getting beat up after school by a gang of kids, and the horrible things they were yelling at me. My eyes literally watered.

Then of course all the people protesting with shirts outside his home when he died with shirts that say "God hates fags", etc, really burned me. As the only homosexual in the room during this movie, I noticed Wendy and her parents making glances at me in steady intervals to see my reaction.

People that feel so strongly, and so much hate toward gays literally make my blood come to a boil. Why are people like that? Live your life for who you are, and let others live theirs. Judge not lest ye be judged yourself, and let he that has NOT sinned cast the first stone!!!!

I've had some people make "queer" comments to me recently, and it really bugs me. In the small town you really must be careful.

In "Gwens" case, he was very WRONG about how he acted on his sexuality. Flirting with a straight man is to flirt with injury, or in Gwen's case, death. But he wasn't just flirting, he was dressing up like a woman and actually making out with and performing oral sex on these guys who had NO idea he was actually a male!

Personally, that is a sexual violation that in my mind he had NO right to do. None. It's deception.

But to beat and kill him?

Uh yeah....I feel very disturbed by his movie. I feel bad that "Gwen" didn't have an early life lesson that there are certain things you just CAN'T do.

Peace, love ,and hugs to all.