Friday, June 02, 2006

ROCKET << [live]

To view Def Leppard's LIVE VH1 performances, go to and "search" for Def Leppard at the top of the main page. Scroll down to view various Leppard videos, including the live performances.

I just discovered that there was an un-aired performance of "Rocket" (extended version, for those who know what THAT means) -- it can be viewed at VH1.COM, in the VSPOT section.

A little-known factoid about this song and my blog:

Rocket has long been one of my favorite Leppard tunes, so naturally I pulled the chorus ["rocket! yeah! satellite of love!"], and changed love to blog; resulting in the title.

Of course, most of the Leppard fans likely already gathered that.

Btw...take note of the backup singers vocal duties on ROCKET. Kinda gives it a dimension that I feel the song lacks live, in order to be true to the studio version.