Thursday, June 01, 2006

Vh1 Rock Honors >> [ def leppard ]

I missed the initial airing, but today I finally got to see the long awaited Rock Honors on VH1.

Hands down, there was only one band I watched it for:

Hell YEAH!

It's amazing to see a band that has come through so much tragedy, survived grunge, pop, and boyband trends, only to come out top in 2006.

The mixture of emotions I feel with Def Leppard's recent increase in popularity [again] is caused by my happiness (for them) and my frustration with all the fair weather fans who are just now coming back.

For God's sake...I (like a large percentage of my blog readers) listened to this band even when they were the most hated band on the face of the planet!! When others were listening to Nirvana, Nsync, or Blink 182...I was running around my room, pretending to be Joe Elliott, or Phil Collen of Def Leppard.

I'm convinced that Def Leppard's longevity, and relentless work ethic is paying off. Finally.

For the kick-ass performances of Def Leppard's "ROCK OF AGES" and the new rockin' cover "20th Century Boy" go to, click "videos" and view the ROCK HONORS 2006 performances. Also, be sure to catch the All American Rejects tribute to Def Leppard's "Photograph", also live from the Rock Honors.

Twentieth century toyyyyyy....I wanna be YOUR BOY!

Rock on, bitchez. \m/